How Fashion Blogs affect Woman Intention of Use

How fashion blogs affect woman intention of use? What are the factors and determinants? Do fashion blogs influence the intention of use? Learn the success factors
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Fashion Blogs, a Great Success.

The fashion industry is enormous and is continuously expanding as capitalism gives prosperity to more and more people worldwide lifting them from poverty, allowing them to purchase more and more complex goods, fashion items are one of the first products being bought, as they’re an expression of individuality and self.

What determines whether or not a particular style becomes a trend is mass acceptance.

For every new style to get a foot in the current trends, it must be accepted and loved by a vast audience. Now more than ever, fashion e-blogs have developed a standing in the market. Millions of new blogs related to fashion have come into the picture.

But like any other blog, the success or failure depends totally upon the quality and consistency of the provided information. People prefer getting information regarding current trends through successful fashion e-blogs.

The Factors in Consideration.

To properly analyse the effects of Fashion Blogs on Woman Intention of Use we need to establish some factors that might contribute or not to this reality, the factors that we considered are;


  • Easy of usage.
  • Usefulness.


  • Reviews.
  • Audio-Visual Content.

Social Media.

  • Influence or Not?


  • Privacy Concerns.


  • Trust in Fashion Blogs.

The Power of Fashion Blogs.

Why do people prefer information through blogs rather than the one provided by the company?

The reason is simple; the information updated on the blog is the personal experience of the customer itself. People always trust user-generated content more than the one provided by the company since it is tendentiously unbiased.

Due to this, successful fashion blogs are approached by big brands to promote their product to a vast audience. Once a fashion blog develops a loyal audience, their opinions affect people’s buying decisions. Big brands are always in search of a successful blog to capitalize on this phenomenon.

When it comes down to creating a fashion blog, anyone can do it and post information from various sources. Out of a pool of blogs, only a few develop genuine readership due to the effort put in obtaining reliable information.

Research is required to create good content. Most of the people in the fashion industry use blogs as a successful marketing strategy to lure in customers. These marketing campaigns can prove to be very successful if done right. Studies have shown that female buyers have shown a more active presence in the case of the fashion industry, which is why there purchasing patterns are the topic of discussion here. Let’s move ahead and talk about some significant elements that affect women’s intention to buy.

How Reviews on Fashion Blogs affect Use Intent.

We often come across reviews of different products on fashion blogs. These reviews are nothing but electronic word of mouth, which can instantly change a buyer’s mind. Before purchasing products, people always prefer having information from someone well-versed in that specific area. Even if a person does not plan on buying, a detailed review of a particular product can make him change his mind.

A potential customer gets detailed information about the characteristics of the product and the experience a real user had with it. The reviews include the pros and cons. Therefore, all possible aspects are adequately covered. The ultimate buying decision depends upon the information provided on the blogs, which have content and reviews of the products.

Reviews in Different Formats.

Furthermore, the information on blogs is communicated using different sources like images, videos, or text. If the information provided on the blog is found useful, sooner or later, the person will return again and also share with the close ones.

This is how the chain of promotion of an already growing blog works. Also, the information varies on different blogs because fashion sense differs from person to person and each appeal to different audiences.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

How Fashion Blogs affect Woman Intention of Use | 2

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Social Media: Make Or Break The Deal.

As discussed above, fashion keeps on changing, and highly interactive blogs affect buyers decisions. Now, when blogs share information, and people communicate to give their opinions and views on a particular product, people are influenced to make purchases. These blogs often compel people to go for impulse buying.

Always remember that in the field of fashion, people are always curious about what the other person thinks.

They are more than just interested in knowing about what a person feels about the things they prefer.

In such a scenario, an interactive blog with an excellent social media presence is all you need to get it going. The power of social influence is so strong that it brings instant changes in the thinking patterns of people.

People keep coming back to a blog which they are sure will provide relevant information to them. A blog with a good readership will make people question their choices due to a majority of people following the same. These questions will make them change their mind, thereby changing their preferences.

Social influence plays a huge role in deciding what comes in and out of fashion.

Security and Privacy in Fashion Blogs.

Now more than ever, people are concerned about their personal information reaching the wrong sources. But a recent study with 150 Woman from various demographics showed that the majority is not concerned about how their details are stored and managed when they visit Fashion Blogs.

As blogs promote brands, some readers are often worried about their personal details being misused. If a blog ensures that the data is safe, secured, and will not reach any third party, then the readers are relaxed and do not hesitate in seeing and sharing your content.

It’s always a good practice to give the power to the user regarding their privacy, you will be rewarded in the long run. 

Trust in Fashion Blogs.

Do your readers have faith in the products you recommend?

This is an important question that cannot be answered in “maybe”. Your audience needs to have trust in you for them to consider making purchases that you refer to. For that to happen, you should ALWAYS recommend products that you think are good.

Blindly promoting products for the sake of earning money will only lead to the loss of current readership and the possible one in the future. Make sure you have used the product before promoting it since the main reason people are purchasing it is due to the expertise in the subject matter and personal experience. Even if you haven’t used the product, make sure you are aware of whether or not the product is worth promoting.

Also, interacting with your audience regularly to develop a healthy relationship is essential. Answer their queries on time, appreciate their positive comments, and make improvements according to the negative ones. All these factors contribute to the development of a healthy relationship.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let’s say, for example, you blindly promote a product, and one of your loyal readers purchases it because YOU are recommending it. After the purchase, the product doesn’t match the expectations of the users or is nowhere close to what you described. Will the reader ever trust your words again? Certainly not.

This might sound easy peasy in the short run, but in order to work professionally and make a career out of it, you need to ensure you keep an eye on what comes out of your mouth. Your words indeed decide your success, be careful about what you promote.

On the other hand, if the user purchases your recommended product and is 100% satisfied, she will come back for more suggestions. This is how you compel your readers to keep coming back on your platform. If they receive what they expect, they will always come back.

By the above discussion, we can say that you cannot expect your blog to grow without this critical element, TRUST.

How Fashion Blogs affect Woman Intention of Use | 4

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

UX and UI in Fashion Blogs.

So you have relevant content that your users will be interested in but is your blog easy to use? Every time a reader appears on your blog, does he get a clear idea about what your blog stands for? Can he easily navigate and understand the usage?

If not, you cannot expect him to stay for long enough let alone coming back to it. You must keep these points in mind while creating the blog to give a great impression to your readers. Choose an appropriate theme and work accordingly. Always keep yourself in the shoes of your readers to get the results you expect. This will ensure your reader will spend an ample amount of time on your blog and will learn more about it.

For a reader to go through the content posted on your fashion blog, he must be able to navigate through it quickly. Once that is done, she goes through the content, analyzes it, and see if it’s worth his time. If it is, then she definitely recommends the same to the people she knows. The first step is to create a user-friendly blog and then move on to creating quality content.

The World Marketing Forum has created a Beginners Guide on Webdesign if you want to know more about the subject and improve your website.

User Interaction.

One significant difference between the traditional ways of marketing and e-Blogs is the interactive environment on the blog that the readers get. People get to share their opinions and read the views of others. Blog communities are highly active and open to discussions at all times.

People prefer indulging in blogs due to active involvement with like-minded people discussing their taste in fashion.

Fashion bloggers are trusted by people more often than not as they provide useful information in the subject matter according to their preferences. Brands often offer fashion bloggers with free samples of their products in order to use them and give a review accordingly. This is how underrated products as well get exposure and reach the right audience.

You never know what important product you might be missing on that you can come across through a fashion blog. Although some fashion bloggers blindly promote a product and end up losing the following. The genuine always provide a review according to their experience, thereby ensuring their readers’ time is always their priority, and they will never waste it by promoting shitty duplicate products.

When it comes down to making a living out of fashion blogging, only a few reach that level. Most of them end up pursuing it as a hobby or part-time work but the ones that are dedicated enough to get the status they aim. Being a professional in this field and working hard will always pay off and sometimes better than you can imagine. All you need to do is be genuine with your readers and improve the interaction every day.

Closing Statement.

By the above discussion, we can quickly conclude how all the discussed elements affect women’s intention to purchase. And even though Security and Privacy were not one of the factors for the success of Fashion Blogs as influence factor in woman behaviour, as previously covered, privacy concerns are on a rise, giving power to your user on what information they give will end up being an advantage.

In the end, all you need to do as a fashion blogger is to introduce your readers with the updated content, promote products that are helpful for them, and maintain as much interaction as you possibly can. If all these things are done right, then in no time you will develop an audience that will wait for your views on every other thing.

Fashion industry keeps on changing and updating, make sure you go with the trend if you plan on staying in it for long. For having the right ideas, you can go through some of the top and successful fashion e-blogs with hundreds and thousands of visitors. Notice the type and consistency of content that they put up. It’s all about learning along the way from the experts in the field. With the recent popularity of fashion blogs, time, and effort can lead you to the top.

Whatever you do, make sure you are persuasive enough to your readers. You cannot give vague information and expect your readers to develop loyalty for you. The hardest thing you will ever have to do is convince people about making a purchase. But with time and experiments, you will eventually realize what works and what does not. Keep putting in efforts, and you will soon come across some fantastic results. It’s all about the willingness to achieve your goals.

Strongly invest in multi-media content as it has increased engagement and generates more interaction. 

Jamal is a Content Marketing Specialist based in Hamburg, Germany. Jamal does journalistic coverages for the World Marketing Forum. In his spare time he's a horse photographer.

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