Marketing Resources

Here you will find a fine selection of companies and websites that will boost your business and marketing operations. We’ve compiled this resource list so that you can freely explore options that might best suit you. Navigate through the different categories, there’s all sort of resources, free, freemium and paid. We believe they’re the best in their industry and that they will give you business the necessary boost. 

We do not receive any affiliate commission for endorsing these companies and websites.

Marketing Resources

Marketing Analytics

Collect, analyse and reason over data is paramount for fruitful business decisions. Marketing Analytics Software is essential for the success of your Marketing efforts.

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Marketing Automation

Targeting, Reaching and Communicating with your target audience has never been so easy. From Email, SMS and push notifications to digital ads and social media, Marketing Automation is essential.

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Marketing Audiences

You can have the best product/service in the world, if nobody knows it, nobody is going to buy it. Here’s where Marketing Audience Tools can help you in Search Engines and Social Media

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Marketing Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you analyse important inputs and understand site and app users to better check your marketing performance, content, products and more.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is an easy website tag creator provided by Google. It allows you to track events that are important in your website.

These are  Essential Tools for every Marketer. Free, powerful and complete, they’re essential so you can provide your website users with the best experience, maximize your Marketing efforts and successfully develop new methods.


Adobe developed its own Marketing Analytics Software. Evolving beyond simple metrics to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other modern data analysis to become one of the best web analytics software in the industry.


Raven tools are a necessary upgrade in Analytics and SEO. Their tools will power up your website and consistently move you up the search ranking.


Databox pulls all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time. View all of your performance data in one place so you can spend less time checking data and creating reports and more time acting on insights.

Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation is just the beginning with E-Goi, you get e-mail marketing, SMS Marketing, Push Notifications, Landing Pages, Social Media Management, Online Ads, Loyalty Programs and much more.
E-Goi is the complete playing ground for every marketer and the delight of every businessman.


  • Price: Flexible, Free and corporation solutions.
  • Contract: Monthly or annual.
  • Integration with >40 applications.
  • For E-Commerce, Traditional Commerce and all other online businesses.
  • Taylormade features.


  • Many of the most powerful features options are only available on corporation package.
  • Support only available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Freshmarketer is part of Freshworks integrated marketing automation solutions with the objective of maximizing acquisition, engagement and retention.


Hubspot is much more than a simple Marketing Automation tool. It’s a full CRM system, purposely built to help you grow and drive more revenue.


Mailchimp is a great e-mail marketing software. Easy to use and with a very powerful Free plan we believe it’s one of the best options for small companies and startups.

Marketing Audiences

In this section, we divided the Marketing Audiences into two different blocks, Search Engine and Social Media

Search Audience

Google Search Console.

Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix problems, and make your site stand out in Google Search results.

Google Ads.

Google Ads software is aimed at placing ads on Google Platforms. Inside, you can find the Keyword Planner, this feature lets you know the keywords researched and their volume for free.

Free, powerful and complete, they’re essential so you can maximize your search engine efforts and successfully rank higher in search results, guaranteeing more traffic in volume and quality. 


SEMRush is a very complete Search Engine Optimization tool that will help you cover a variety of scenarios. Primarily focused on SEO and Market Research, it also has tools to improve Content Marketing, Advertising and Social Media.


Ahrefs is a well-known player in the Search Engine Optimization industry, its tools let you fix your SEO problems and its Market Research can give you ideas to pages and content.


MOZ is specialized in Search Engine Optimization and Market Research. they have a series of powerful tools and some of them you can even try for free.

Social Media

In Social Media Management the best option always depends on your Marketing objectives, we bring you three different options that we believe will serve all your needs.


SocialBee is a powerful Social Media Management software that also comes with an optional concierge service to help you manage your social media accounts. They were awarded as High Performance in 2020 by G2.

Content Studio.

Content Studio is a well accomplished Social Media Management software that sets you in full control of your content. Their software, helps you to build, plan, organize and schedule your content with a high degree of detail


Hootsuite established what we nowadays expect as the industry standard in Social Media Management, this Fortune 500 company also offers courses and precious resources

Web Resources

Hosting Service

The first step for a successful online venture is having a good domain and a powerful hosting. We’ve selected the best providers in the market to boost your website.

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Website Builders

There are many website builders. Each of them with different advantages and disadvantages. See our list and select the website builder suited to your needs.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software are important to keep your business organized and accountable.

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Web Tools

A Marketing Professional needs to dominate the web, for that to happen, its important to know and use important tools and services that give you important insights.

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Hosting Service


The World Marketing Forum is hosted on Namecheap servers. Namecheap provides all Hosting Related services, such as Domain Registration in a lot of TLDs, shared and dedicated hosting, SSL, CDN, VPN, and it also has a concierge service that conducts migration of new customers.


  • Price: For all sort of needs.
  • Service: Complete.
  • Contract: Monthly or annual.
  • Customer Service: Very good, with LiveChat.
  • Detailed Knowledge Database for users.
  • Great Leadership: Freedom & Privacy advocates.


  • USA and UK based servers only.
  • Doesn’t sell all TLDs
  • Discounted prices don’t apply to current clients that are upgrading.


Kinsta specializes in WordPress Hosting. They offer Premium Hosting solutions with superfast caching, CDN, security included and the best admin user interface in the market with auto-scaling. If it’s the best you’re looking for, Kinsta is the place to go.


Siteground is one of the best hosting providers, their solutions include a powerful CDN that displays your website with amazing speeds around the world, they also have WordPress specialized hosting and are recommended by


Bluehost is a Market Leader in Hosting Solutions, providing you with options that will match your needs, they recently launched their new dedicated WordPress hosting, that offers you a fully managed WP environment with a dedicated dashboard.

Website Builders

Content Management Systems (CMS) help webmasters make changes without understanding code, this opened the door to Marketing Professionals implement their techniques without programming knowledge.

WordPress. don’t mistake with is the most used CMS and website builder in the world, powering more than 38.5% of the world websites and tendentially growing. The World Marketing Forum relies on WordPress technology to provide you with this service.


  • Price: Free
  • Service: Biggest plugin repository on the web.
  • Support: Community & Documentation.
  • Security: Good.
  • Speed: Good
  • Concept: Open Source.


  • CMS Built for Blogs and “Presentation” websites.
  • Other CMS are better at integrating E-Commerce.
  • More targetted by Hackers.


Shopify is the CMS and Website builder dedicated 100% to E-Commerce. Fast, Clean and PCI Compliant. If you sell online, Shopify should be considered, even if just for e-store purpose.


Wix is one of the best CMS and Website builder for newbies in the online world. With Wix, you can build beautiful responsive websites with zero knowledge of programming and computer science.


Squarespace is an outgoing website builder that integrates E-Commerce and Design. You can easily build a responsive website that also easily complies with online selling.


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM application might be inside an ERP Platform. This software is essential for an organized, accountable approach to management.

Yeti Force.

Yeti Force is the best free ERP/CRM system in the market. No other CRM system offers as rich choice of widgets and as many additional options as YetiForce. The flexibility of the system allows for infinite possibilities. Calendar, Contacts Sales and In-built Email System. Download and install it on your own server free.


  • Price: Free
  • Service: Open Source
  • Fully Customizable: Calendar, Contacts, Sales and In-Built E-mail.
  • Support: Community & Documentation.
  • Lightweight & Fast.


  • Support: Self-Managed
  • Extras available on the Marketplace (Paid)


Zoho is a Market Leader CRM Software with many peripheric applications. With one account/system you can have access to dozens of productivity applications.


Hubspot is one of the most complete CRMs in the World. Focused on Inbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing. A great tool to maximize conversions.

Active Campaign.

Active Campaign an easy to work software that helps you to collect, nurture and convert leads from moment zero.

Web Tools


Do a speed diagnosis and benchmark test for your website, know what to improve.


Know your competitor’s traffic, their rank in the web, keywords and traffic sources.


Know the technologies that you and you’re competitors are using and upgrade your network.


Know the trends in the web, the players and where the market its heading.

Support Resources

Images & Videos

An image speaks 1000 words. Having high-quality graphics, images and media are essential to efficiently convey a message. Find the best images for free.

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Here you will find all the peripheric services that support a company such as asset management solutions, communication, project management, events, etc…

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Remote Work

Outsourcing labour might be a wise business decision depending on the task and industry. If you need some media pieces, development, build an app etc you can outsource.

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Lowering your costs is essential to keep you competitive in the market. We bring you innovative financial providers that will boost your business.

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Images & Video


Pexels is one of the best free stock photos and videos in the market. Find media with C0 Licence.


Pixabay is another free stock photos and video in the market. All content has a C0 Licence.


Freepik is a freemium image stock provider specialized in Icon Stock.

Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock is a premium multi-media content supplier.


Shutterstock is a premium multi-media content supplier with both visual and audio media.


In this section, we opted to include software, applications and tools that even though are not essential they give you a necessary boost in productivity.


Grammarly is the best English software in the Market. Improve your English and set your tone. There’s a plagiarism tool that verifies content on the web to help you write original content.


Keeper Security is one of the best password manager and organizer in the market. Incridible user interface, multi-layer encryption and multi platform.

Express VPN.

Express VPN is the privacy tool you want to have. Super fast, secure and with No Logs. surf the web with more privacy and access websites that are blocked in your country.

Remote Work


If you’re looking for a temporary solution and you don’t know where to find a professional, go to Fiverr and you can find solutions to everything that can be done remotely. Prices normally start on 5USD, but remember that you get what you pay for.



Revolut Business is the most innovative payment solution for companies, lowering transaction costs to near zero and allowing effective resource management. Where available, Revolut is definitely a smart option.


Transferwise reduced transaction costs to virtually zero, it allows you to transfer currency to almost every country in the world with the option of doing it in real-time.