Brave, a Marketing Hero

Brave Browser is the best browser in the market. Developed by the creator of Javascript and its team, Brave Software is a true Marketing Hero that revolutionised the market with BAT.
Author: Jamal Talha
Published In: 2021/01/ 25

Brave is an Internet Browser available for download in Windows (32 and 64 bits), macOS, Linux and Mobile (Android and iOS) that’s going to make your browsing life much better.

If you still don’t use Brave, we hope that by the end of this article you start using it, It really compensates, and we will tell you why.

The World Marketing Forum doesn’t receive an affiliate commission or financial compensation by Brave Software for endorsing and promoting Brave.

Our editorial board agrees that Brave is a Marketing Hero by closely practising and implementing Marketing Philosophy.

Brave Browser lets you;

  • Browse 3 to 8 times faster.
  • Block Ads and Trackers that follow you across the web.
  • Get rewarded for browsing (literally).

The main reason why we consider Brave a Marketing Hero is not only these 3 aspects, but they strongly contribute to it.

Brave, a Marketing Hero | 1

The History of Brave

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser.

Brave Software was founded by Brendan Eich, the inventor and creator of JavaScript (JS) programming language and Co-founder of Mozilla corporation, and Brian Bondy an expert windows developer that was essential for the development of the Brave Browser in May 2015. Their objectives were;

  1. Stop allowing users to be tracked, users should own their own data.
  2. Speed up page load time and reduce bandwidth by blocking bad things.
  3. Allow publishers to get paid via cryptocurrency replacing lost revenue from the blocking.
  4. Allow users to get paid via cryptocurrency micropayments for their attention on privacy-preserving ads.

In order to achieve point 3 and 4, Brave Software created BAT (Basic Attention Token) a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum Protocol in May 2017. To reward both publishers and brave browser users accordingly.

Brave Today

As of the time of publishing, Brave has;

  • >20M monthly users
  • >7M daily users.
  • 1 million Verified Creators
  • Delivered >2,000 ad campaigns in nearly 200 countries.
  • Average CTR (click-through rate) for a Brave Ads campaign is 9% (the industry average is just 2%)
    • Many brands are seeing even higher engagement.

Brands such as Verizon, The Home Depot, The New York Times, Progressive Insurance, Newegg, Chipotle,,, PayPal/Honey, Ledger, Amazon, Harry’s Razors, CBS, KIND snacks, Logitech, Lenovo, Grubhub, Belkin, Quickbooks, and Evernote choose Brave as their Advertising Partner.

Brave, the Ultimate Internet Browser

Brave is, in our humble opinion, the best browser there is to surf the web and we are going to tell you why we endorse Brave browser over all the other browsers in the Market.

Using their own words, “Much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works.”. Brave was planned and built with a great understanding of Marketing Philosophy. They grow fast and consistently by;

  • Providing a Service that Customers Value and Demand on an on-going basis.

At the time of Brave development, an user-friendly tool that simultaneously protected the privacy of users, block advertisements, and cost-efficient browser (time and bandwidth) didn’t exist.

This small promotion video will give some heads up over what we are going to cover in this article below.

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Brave Listens to the Market

The Brave Software team listened to the Market and successfully developed a disrupting, revolutionary product that matched exactly consumer demands.

What’s an Internet Browser?

An internet browser, also known as a web browser or simply a browser, is a software program that lets you view web pages on your computer. You can think of your browser as your gateway to the internet. The main purpose of an internet browser is to translate the code that computers use to create websites into the text, graphics, and other features of the web pages that we’re used to seeing today.

Key Determinant Factors in Web Browsers (consumer perspective).

The key determinant factors valued by consumers in web browsers are:

  • Basic Security
  • Graphic Interface (ease of use)
  • Technical Specifications (fast and reliable code processing for example)

Then, there are other factors that contribute to the preference of a browser over another such as;

  • Privacy Protection (tracking protection and/or VPN services)
  • Extensions/Plugins (LastPass or Grammarly for example)
  • Memory and Speed Efficiency
  • Advertisement Blocking
  • Free to use

And then, there is “unicorn” features that are demanded, such as;

  • Compensation for seeing ads
  • Compensation for time spent browsing.

The Web Browser Market – Status Quo

On the Desktop market, Google Chrome leads the Web Browser Market share with >65% of Worldwide browsers choosing Chrome as the vehicle to access the Internet.

Firefox and Safari make up the rest of the podium followed by Microsoft in 4th place and Opera in 5th.

All of these 5 browsers comply with the fundamental factors and some of them also fulfil the majority of the second tier factors.


Opera, allows you to use an In-browser automatized VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask your IP (Internet Protocol) Address giving you some privacy when you browse over the web.

Edge and Internet Explorer.

IE and the new version MS Edge is still strong because it is still used on older computers or by older users that don’t know or don’t want to change to a different browser. Hardly you can find any enthusiast of MS Edge or IE that’s not a hardcore enthusiast of MS Windows.

Web Browser Desktop Market Share – Nov 2020


Web Browser Market Share
Chrome 67.71%
Firefox 9.61%
Safari 9.18%
Edge 4.58%
I.Explorer 3.66%
Opera 2.34%
Coc Coc 0.25%
Chromium 0.18%
QQ Browser 0.16%
Sogou Explorer 0.11%
Maxthon 0.08%
Whale 0.07%
Vivaldi 0.05%
Other 0.03%
You might be wondering where is Brave Browser?

Brave is built using Chromium and its user agent (UA) is often taken as Chrome or Firefox depending if you’re on Windows or Mac. For the matter or Statistics and Accountability, we cannot tell if Statcounter categorizes Brave on Chrome, Chromium or Firefox.

Why the overwhelming dominance of Chrome?

Google Chrome became the new “Internet Explorer”. The majority of people have positive associations with Google and the Internet. When Chrome was launched in 2008, much lighter, faster and with a sleek design that revolutionized the industry the adoption was massive, Chrome brought a new understanding of how a browser should be and behave.

Chrome also gained traction by being based on the same rendering engine as Safari (and later a very similar fork of that engine), which meant as people started writing websites optimized for iPhones (again, this was 2008), they would be all but guaranteed to work on Chrome, while some of them did not work as well on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others.

Then, once Chrome had a great enough market share, other Google teams started adding web app features that only worked in Chrome. The sherry on top of the cake was the strong Marketing Campaign that Google used to promote its product.

Google Chrome History in Comic Book

All other Browsers.

All the other browsers, despite being used by fewer individuals doesn’t mean that they’re short of performance and attributes. Coc Coc is made for the Vietnamese Market. Whale Browser is also an option for privacy-focused users, and Vivaldi is Highly Customizable option with a high focus on privacy.

What Makes the Difference?

Blocking Advertisement

Ad Blockers are around since 1998, and the famous company AdBlock was created in 2003, becoming the standard of Advertising Blocking on the web and almost all browsers have that, including Google Chrome.

Privacy and Security

There are easy non-tracking (privacy) solutions using the Tor Project (already included in Brave Browser) and the VPN included service offered by Opera, Vivaldi, etc.

Speed and Efficiency

In terms of memory and speed efficiency, we have a reliable “old” friend such as Firefox, with several options to customize and include ad blocks and other privacy features.

All browsers are easy to use and secure (to some extent)

So, what makes the difference?

Brave Browser does it all, and it’s better at all of these aspects.

  • Clear browsing data
  • Built-in password manager
  • Form autofill
  • Control content access to full-screen presentation
  • Control site access to autoplay media
  • Send “Do not track” with browsing request
  • Ad blocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention
  • Cookie control
  • HTTPS upgrading
  • Block scripts
  • Per-site shield settings
  • Configurable global shield defaults
Brave Rewards (BAT)
  • Earn by viewing private ads
  • Tip your favourite creators
  • Contribute monthly to sites
  • Auto-contribute to sites
  • Verify with Uphold and move funds in and out of your wallet
  • Become a verified creator and start earning BAT from tips, contributions and referrals

Basic Attention  Token – BAT

The Basic Attention Token is a Cryptocurrency created by Brave Software to reward both browsers and publishers for the advertisement displayed in the Brave Network and partners.

Brave, a Marketing Hero | 3

Basic Attention Token – BAT – Logo

How BAT works?

You can turn on Ads ON or OFF in Brave.

If they’re ON, you will receive BAT according to the number of advertisements you see and for simply browsing online. BAT are stored automatically in your computer in a local wallet or in a wallet that is provided by a Brave Partner such as Uphold. Then you can trade this BAT for Dollars, Euro or any other currency that’s allowed and go to your local shop and buy your favourite food or get a new haircut.

Reward your Favourite Publishers with BAT

Brave allows you to make automatic monthly contributions to your favourite content creators with their BAT Cryptocurrency.

Monthly, you can set up an automatic contribution that will be based accordingly to the time you spend on that particular website (fair contribution) this also applies when you are on Youtube seeing videos, if that particular YouTuber is a registered Brave Publisher he will receive his contribution. These are the platforms can you contribute using BAT in Brave Browser;

  •  Website
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Twitch

You can also make personalised tips of a certain amount at your discretion. This will motivate the publishers to continue providing you with the content you love. If you’re on Brave Browser at the moment and you want to contribute to the World Marketing Forum, we will much appreciate it.

Brave, a Marketing Hero | 4
Brave, a Marketing Hero | 5

Official Art work made available for Media by Brave Software

Closing Statement

No other company provides such a browsing software that excels at all aspects and on top of all rewards their users. Brave software listened to the market and it continues to listen, as it constantly improves their web browser, and for these reasons, we believe that Brave Software is a Marketing Hero

We strongly recommend you to download Brave Browser and take it for a spin, you will surely enjoy it. 

Jamal is a Content Marketing Specialist based in Hamburg, Germany. Jamal does journalistic coverages for the World Marketing Forum. In his spare time he's a horse photographer.

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