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Marketing Education

Education and freedom of initiative are the main drivers of prosperity and well-being.

Marketing studies how individuals interact with the market, what are their desires, and how to better serve them. As a social science, it’s often fed by other disciplines such as Economics, Psychology, Demography, History, Sociology, and many others.

Start your Marketing Education journey today – Remember, Knowledge is power.

What is Marketing in 3 Steps

Do you know what is Marketing all about?

For many, it’s advertising, for others, it’s market research and product development. So, What is Marketing after all? We have prepared some didactic, interactive pages so that you can easily learn.


What is Marketing?

We believe that the first step is clarifying What is Marketing, the lack of a simple definition torments the community and creates ambiguity.


Prosperity & Marketing

What’s the connection between Prosperity and Marketing? Learn the History of Marketing and how freedom and competition transform into prosperity.

– Under development


Operational Marketing

After understanding how Marketing works and what’s its objective, now is time to know what are the Marketer functions and in what fields marketing operates.

– Under development

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