Consumer Behaviour

Knowing how your customers behave is essential for the success of your business.
Segmentation is essential for a successful marketing plan.
Learn Consumer Behaviour today!

The Fundamental Questions


Why they want it? Every action an individual takes has a motivation, a reason for its existence. Knowing the why is the golden key.


Who are they? What’s their age, gender, family structure, social class, income and race/ethnicity.


Where are they? In Germany, Brazil or India? Using their Smartphone to access our content or primarily the laptop? In Reddit, Youtube or Linkedin?


What are they looking for? what design appeals to them, the type of content, language, structure, design, interaction etc…

Why they want it?

Why do our readers come to the World Marketing Forum?

Being the first and most important aspect of every human action, companies should be built around the motivations of their target audience.

In our case, the ambition of the individuals that dedicate their time to read about marketing is the following; they want to be more competitive and successful in their business, to increase the success of a development, to become a better professional, to become a better student.

To Maximize their utility, they demand a source that retrieves more accurate knowledge in less amount of time. This is where the World Marketing Forum steps in.

Who are they?

Consumer Behaviour | 1
Consumer Behaviour | 2

Who are they?

Marketing Content “Eaters” normally are Individuals between 20-50 that are persuing 3rd level education, Individuals that work within the Marketing industry and Business Owners that are looking at how can they increase their sales, number of customers, brand equity, and other aspects.

Both genders equally consume our content, the family structure is not relevant for our type of product, neither is race/ethnicity as all of them consume the content of our website. The majority of our website users belongs to the middle class.

Where are they?

Where are they?

The majority of our users are located in advanced economies, such as Europe and North America, but we also have users from all other countries in the world, especially in the emerging economies.

The majority of our users visit our website through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, computers are still widely used and normally represent more page views and time spent on the site, this indicates that they’re more engaged with the website than occasional users on mobile devices.

What are they looking for?

Consumer Behaviour | 3
Consumer Behaviour | 4

What are they looking for?

The big majority of users are looking to increase their sales in volume and/or value. They come to our site to explore, learn and find valuable information to boost their business ventures.

They also come to our site to see what other companies are doing, to get ideas and to see the results of certain campaigns.

Finally, we have those who are looking to upskill themselves and to become better professionals in Marketing.

Creating content that satisfies these 3 different audiences is not an easy task.

How is the consumer behaving?