The Project

The World Marketing Forum is composed of an independent collective from all over the world. Our objective is to create and distribute knowledge, and provide guidance to the Marketing Community.

Marketing contributes to the improvement of the Human condition by constantly investigating, developing, and creating better products and services for society.

Start by learning What is Marketing.

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Our Values.



Marketing is a Social Science, which means that often there are different views on the same topic.



Trust is the pillar of civilization. The WMF is independent and not influenced by any corporation or lobby group.



The WMF sees the preservation of life, freedom, and property as pillars for the welfare of humanity.

For more information, read our Code of Ethics

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Where Marketers Gather

Marketers, small business owners and aspiring marketers were having a hard time finding relevant information regarding Marketing in the Web.

Many websites and articles that lead nowhere.

We decided to create a New Home for all these users, respecting their biggest asset – their time.

Empowering the Community

Good Ideas and knowledge are fundamental catalysts for the development and improvement of society.

We hope that our content inspires and empowers you to create, develop, and implement innovations in your business – this being the first step to improving the well-being of your community.

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